A period of ups and downs

The last few weeks have been very much up and down.  I have had periods of quite a lot of pain and days when I hardly know anything is wrong.  As I have said before when the pain is bad it is most noticeable at night and causes me to have some very disturbed nights.  I am not sure what causes the additional pain, except I know that doing a lot will generally lead to more pain.  It may also be the cold or the damp.  I do know that it is not the meso causing the pain though since my last scan was only 6 weeks ago and it didn’t show anything new.  Whatever it is I finally decided that I need to see the pain clinic to get something to address it as this time it has been more on than off for weeks.  So today I have been prescribed yet another pill to add to my cocktail – amitriptilyne to be taken at bedtime.  Hopefully this will ease the pain at night so that I can sleep better and deal with any day time pain more easily.

On my good days I have been taking regular walks and have managed around 5 miles at a time on 3 consecutive days last week.  I do feel good when I have done walks like that, but it can be boring walking the same area all the time. even if it is the beautiful Watermead Park just down the road.


IMG_1213I did walk round Bradgate Park earlier this month too which gave me a bit of practice at the rougher public footpaths rather than the paved ones I normally walk.

IMG_1210Last week I had my first experience of indoor bowls.  It is quite different to outdoor bowls as the bowling surface is like a hessian fabric which means the woods run really easily.  For someone like me who is quite heavy handed anyway, it is quite a challenge to ease back enough to stop the woods ending up in the ditch.  I don’t expect to play much this winter but anything will help me to keep my eye in for next summer.

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