Afternoon tea

Today has been another nice spring day and it is starting to warm up nicely.  This afternoon Mother-in-law and I went for afternoon tea at a local hotel.  It was a lovely afternoon and a really nice tea.  The scones were so fresh that they were still hot when she brought them to the table! I was so busy eating the delicious sandwiches and cakes I forgot to take a photo before we’d eaten it all!


This time last year I certainly couldn’t have eaten this much!  I was barely eating at all, which rather worried my husband, but was mostly down to the pain meds I was on.  I am still taking paracetamol and a drug for nerve pain but I am starting to wean myself off them now.  I don’t feel much pain now – more discomfort really, but I don’t know whether that is because the pain has gone or because the drugs are working!  I guess there is only one way to find out.

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